Work With Me

Spark Curiosity. Unlock Your Potential. Elevate Your Brand. Ignite Change.

Corporate Programs

Empower Diverse Teams, Drive Success. Build a Thriving Workplace with Tailored DEIA Training and Strategies.
Cultivate a culture of belonging and unlock your organization's full potential with Matthew's expert DEIA training and consulting. Partner with us to develop customized programs, address your unique needs, and create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Media Production

From solopreneurs and startups to corporations and confectioneries, our branded media production will elevate your existing efforts and amplify your impact.

College Programs

Ignite Inspiration, Equip Leaders, Shape the Future. Empower Your College Community with Engaging Programs.
Breathe life into your campus with Matthew's dynamic keynotes, workshops, and consulting services. From inspiring students to equipping faculty and staff, we provide the tools and insights to build a vibrant, inclusive learning environment for generations to come.

Community Programs

Spark Curiosity, Cultivate Connection, Build Bridges. Elevate Your Community with Immersive Art Experiences.
Bring people together and spark meaningful conversations through Matthew's captivating art exhibitions and interactive workshops. From thought-provoking wilderness retreats to inclusive community art projects, we create impactful experiences that foster connection and positive change.

Coaching & Consulting

Unlock Your Personal Power, Achieve Your Goals. Get Expert Guidance with Transformative Coaching and Consulting.
Whether you seek personal growth or strategic brand development, Matthew's coaching and consulting services empower you to reach your full potential. From individual coaching sessions to tailored brand strategy workshops, we provide the personalized support and expert insights you need to thrive.

On-camera Talent

Craft Captivating Content, Amplify Your Voice. Let Matthew Elevate Your Creative Vision.
From engaging on-camera talent to compelling voiceovers and impactful storytelling, Matthew's creative production services bring your ideas to life. Whether you need a dynamic video series for education or a persuasive e-book guide for your brand, we craft content that resonates and drives results.