Embrace your neurodiversity. Ignite your creativity. Transform your perspectives.

Wired Wonderful

A Neurodiversity Handbook

Ready to embrace your unique brain-wiring and thrive in 2024?

"Wired Wonderful" is your practical guide to self-acceptance, confidence, and navigating neurodivergence with clarity and purpose. Discover story-driven skills, practical approaches, personal development pathways, workplace wisdom, and family frameworks tailored specifically for neurodivergent individuals.


Symphonies in Scale: LICHENS

A Visual Feast of Lichens From Around the World
Embark on a sensory Lichen Adventure. Secure your early access to "Symphonies in Scale: LICHENS".

See the world through Matthew's neurodivergent lens as he unveils the hidden beauty and wonder of lichens in this stunning fine art coffee table book. Discover diverse landscapes, appreciate overlooked ecosystems, and spark curiosity through Matthew's breathtaking lichen photography.


The ATTIE Project

A Collaborative Fine Art Coffee Table Book
Timeless Art, Transformative Community. Immerse Yourself in The ATTIE Project's Journey through Art and Connection.

Dive deeper into the world of The ATTIE Project, a collaborative artistic celebration of time, emotions, and community. Through Perry Easton's powerful artwork and Matthew's captivating photography, this coffee table book invites you on a transformative journey of self-expression, cultural connection, and positive change.


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