Empowering Workplaces Through Technology, Neurodiversity, and Inclusion

Unleash the Full Spectrum of Human Potential in Your Workplace.


Do you feel lost in systems not designed for brains like yours? Do you feel misunderstood, underestimated, and exhausted by trying to conform to the norm? Like you understand yourself but the world doesn't "get you"?

Imagine a classroom where you feel equipped to succeed, with specific tools and resources perfectly matched to your strengths and needs...

I empower you to unlock your strengths, advocate for your unique needs, and pave a path to thriving.


Do you see your student overwhelmed, and worry about what the future holds? Overwhelm and a longing to unlock your child's full potential probably keep you awake at night...

Imagine feeling empowered with practical strategies that help light the path for your student, without sacrificing their well-being... or yours.

I help transform this worry into action, building confidence and strong family dynamics.


Facing skills gaps, struggling to retain talent, or frustrated by miscommunication within your teams? Ready to take action, change your company culture, and generate positive change through inclusion?

Imagine workplaces where neurodivergent employees are not just accommodated, but celebrated, unlocking innovation and fostering collaboration.


"I didn't know there was a word for people like me."

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Workshop Participant

Navigating Neurodiversity

"I believe I'm undiagnosed ADHD and that my daughter is as well. She has many of the traits Matthew discussed. His program really puts things into perspective and I enjoyed the experience."

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Workshop Participant

Navigating Neurodiversity

"Matthew's workshop was enlightening and explained some things about my son that he hasn't been able to articulate to me.

I am grateful to him for this.

I would love to learn more from him, and for my son to connect with him too."

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Workshop Participant

Navigating Neurodiversity

"I loved the perspective Matthew shared, including his personal stories that helped make the material more easy to relate to."

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Workshop Participant

Navigating Neurodiversity

"Matthew's training should be obligatory for management."

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Workshop Participant

Navigating Neurodiversity

Meet Matthew

As a Deaf-blind meningitis survivor, I know the frustration of navigating spaces not built for me. That experience drives my unique approach as The Inclusion Architect, empowering others to build pathways where neurodivergent brilliance shines.

Before I had ever heard of the word "neurodivergent", I faced years of challenges in navigating the support I needed in grade school as a student with ADHD, anxiety, Deafness, blindness, and other conditions. This process – fighting for accessible tools, learning to request preferential seating, and advocating for additional time on tests – laid the foundation for my approach today.

I truly understand the power of personalized strategies for life beyond the books – these methods I developed over time were life-changing for me, and now I help companies, families, and students find their own. My mission is to provide the blueprints for understanding and support that I've always needed but never had.

How I think and work differently to get lasting results...

I See Potential, Not Problems

Too often, the neurodivergent experience is framed through deficits. I've spent my life proving this outdated thinking wrong. The tools and knowledge I share with students, parents, and organizations all start from a strengths-based foundation. When everyone starts focusing on what CAN be done, progress comes quickly.

I Bridge Gaps with Lived Understanding

When I teach communication strategies to families or explain adaptive tech to workplaces, it's not from a textbook. I know, firsthand, the small tweaks that make all the difference. My mission is to translate that practical knowledge into systems that bring lasting transformation.

I Champion Lasting Success

Inclusion isn't about just ticking boxes – it's about setting students up for their dream college, families finding peace over fighting for basic needs, and businesses unleashing innovation through truly inclusive teams. I understand the needs at each stage of your journey, offering you the specific guidance and tools needed for ongoing growth.

Book Matthew

Matthew Cicanese transforms the speaking stage with a blend of visionary artistry and profound inclusivity. As a Deaf-blind artist, his presentations ignite conversations and foster innovative thinking, all while creating an engaging, inclusive atmosphere.

Renowned for his collaborations with global leaders and celebrated in galleries and the media, Matthew's customized engagements ensure every event is impactful, resonant, and uniquely tailored.

From intimate executive meetings to grand-scale conferences, Matthew's presence is a catalyst for change, sparking creativity and empowering a diverse audience.

Book Matthew now for an experience that leaves an indelible mark on your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion.