Matthew Cicanese Podcast

Welcome to the Matthew Cicanese Podcast: a fusion of neurodiversity, technology, and storytelling. As a DeafBlind photographer, creative educator, DEIA speaker, AI strategist, and National Geographic Explorer, I bring a unique lens to exploring how diverse minds shape (and are shaped by) the digital world.


Join me for insightful conversations that unveil the unseen, merging personal adventures with transformative ideas. Together, let's discover the untold stories at the intersection of the mind and technology.



"Matthew's podcast is wonderful & magical! I can feel Matthew's love and passion for what he does. It's beautifully made and very authentic.

I love the pace of how Matthew pulls us in. He's a natural storyteller with many superpowers, and I can't wait for the next episode!"


Anat R.

"The music... the flow... your voice... Mmmmmm. I felt that I went on a journey as I listened. Thank you, Matthew.

I'm looking forward to the next episode!"


Wanda S.

I love Matthew's voice. It's so calm and encouraging. Hearing his Mom describe him in the hospital brought back many hard memories for me.

It is usually the hard things that stretch us to grow, and I appreciate how he shared that in his story. I'm looking forward to the next episode – well done!


Cyntthia M.

"It's SO good..."


Ali P.

What a great first episode!
I look forward to many more. The sound bed quality is first-rate! Even more impressive is his
attention to detail in a well-told story.

I'm thankful Matthew has brought his voice & message to the audio sphere!"


Brian S.