Build a thriving, inclusive workplace and cultivate a culture of inclusion.

DEIA Training & Workshops

Spark Inclusion, Ignite Change. Build a Thriving, Equitable Workplace with Tailored DEIA Programs.
Create a culture of belonging and optimize your business for success with Matthew's dynamic DEIA training and workshops. From unconscious bias training to leadership development programs, we partner with you to address your specific needs, cultivate a diverse workforce, and drive positive change.

Strategy Consulting

Chart Your Course to Success. Develop a Plan to Win.
Gain a competitive edge with Matthew's expert brand strategy consulting. We help you define your unique value proposition, refine your messaging, and develop a strategic roadmap to achieve your business goals.

Keynote Speaking

Virtual and In-person keynote presentations that address important topics and themes in neurodiversity and accessibility.

Leadership Training

Empower Your Leaders, Elevate Your Organization. Equip Your Team for Success with Transformative Leadership Programs.
Build a future-proof leadership team with Matthew's engaging leadership training programs. Develop critical skills in communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking to inspire and motivate your team, foster innovation, and drive positive change.

Product Audits

Bridge the Gaps, Elevate Experiences. Maximize User Delight and Inclusion with Expert UX and Accessibility Testing.
Ensure your products are accessible and user-friendly for everyone with Matthew's comprehensive product audits. We identify usability issues, accessibility barriers, and opportunities for improvement, helping you create seamless experiences that delight your users and comply with industry standards.

HQ Visits

Bring the Expertise In-House. Leverage Matthew's On-Site Training, Consulting, and Collaboration for a Transformative Experience.
Immerse your team in a personalized learning and development experience with Matthew's on-site HQ visits. We provide tailored training, consulting, and collaborative workshops designed to address your specific challenges and empower your employees.

Wilderness Retreats

Reconnect, Reinspire, Reenergize. Elevate Your Team's Well-being and Performance with Immersive Wilderness Retreats.
Escape the ordinary and cultivate a thriving workplace culture with Matthew's transformative wilderness retreats. Step into nature, foster connection, and discover new perspectives for personal and professional growth.

Wellness Workshops

Prioritize Well-being, Boost Productivity. Empower Your Employees with Practical Tools for Workplace Wellness.
Invest in your employees' well-being and enhance your company's success with Matthew's engaging wellness workshops. We provide practical tools and strategies for stress management, mindfulness, and healthy habits, leading to a happier, more productive workforce.